How to Kill Rats

How to kill rats Easily

How to Kill Rats

Presence of a rat in your house it’s really terrible and unhealthy as the importance of this action today will talk to you about how to kill rats with some simple ways, the methods which we talk about most of them is natural and the other is chemical. 

How to kill rats naturally

Let’s start with the first method to get rid of rats
The most simple method as most of people use it it’s to keep up a cat in your home or garden, all the people know that the cats are the main enemies of rats, who don’t watch Tom And Jerry!!
So keeping a cat in your home is the first method to Get Rid of rats and it will be good to kill all terrible rats in your house 

How to kill rats using traps

Another tradition method is using the mouse traps it’s not expensive and very easy and safety to use, but how you install it to hunt the rat?
This mouse trap is very sensitive so you can put a part of cheese in front of it and when the rat come to eat the cheese the trap will shake and the door of the trap been closed and you hunt the rat very easy
There’s matter some people don’t know it, actually it’s advice to all the people who try to kill the rats using the water, take this information the rats is very good swimmers so drown it in the water it be like a pretty shower .

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How to get rid of rats without using poisons

the best traditional methods to get rid of rats, in the recent months there’re some researches about using the natural ways get rid of rats rats and they found that the black pepper is working very pretty so spray the hot black pepper in the Rat burrows and they not back again to this burrows. Note the black pepper powder not kill the rats but its smell very Pungent as enough to not allow the rats to back again to your home or garden or what else and also this method works well with the mosquitoes and other insects, 

Using vibrations generator to get Rid of rats

“vibrations generator” it’s a small machine it’s size is 250×250 cm and it works very good to prevent the rats to attack your home
The idea of the generator is sending ultrasound waves and the eats ears doesn’t endurance the sounds so it’s run away very fast and never back and the big advantage of it’s very safety and the waves don’t have any harmful effects
In the next Point we will speak about the chemicals method  to kill rats and how to away the side effects of it              
In the last points we talked about the natural ways to kill rats Now we will speak about how to kill rats using poison and other ways
The most important thing in how to kill naturally is the safety so you can do it and you haven’t any doubt about your children health or safety.

How to kill rats using poisons?

At the beginning we should advice all the people who want to use the different kinds of poisons to take care very well that your children will never touch it or taste it so you must keep it away your children to keep them safe and also this poisons has a negative effect on your pets or animals like cats and dog …etc
Using this poisons is very easy all what you need to do that spray the powder on the places which the rats may found there and waiting until get them dead and try and put some water beside the poisons areas because the water make the poisons works fast and also the advantages of the rat poisons is it has a material which attract the rats to it especially when you add it to something which the rats like for example the cheese or tomatoes or anything else and the best rats poison i recommend for you is the NEOGEN RODENTICIDE 40

Best ways to kill rats

How to Kill Rats
We complete with how to kill the rats in different ways and method all what we show to you and you should choose the best method which match with your availability to apply it
There’re many ways to kill rats like using the traps or keeping cats or using waving generator in the last time we spoke up about the first two methods and today we will speak in some details about how to setup the traps to get rid of the rats
There’re many kinds of traps but all of them work by the same identity as sensitive for rats movements and making attraction to them according but some cheese or any foods that the rats can smell it very well and one of the advantage of the mouse traps is the completely safety, so you’ll never make your children in dangerous situations and it very easy to use all what you need to expect the mouse movements and make an attraction to it and setup the trap very well and it’s just few seconds and the rat will be at the new home or the new tomb!
Finally we saying every time there’re different ways and methods to kill rats but the priority for the safety methods after that the effective method and after that the easiest methods after that the cost of the methods

How To Get Rid Of Rats

How To Get rid of rats

Do you know that rats had a disastrous role in transmitting the infection and viruses so today we will complete our speech about how to get rid of rats?

In the recent articles we talked about several ways and methods to get rid of rats like kill the cats with natural methods. For example using a cats to catch the rats and also we talked about the usage of the traps to get rid of rats and also killing the rats without using poisons and also killing them using poisons.

But today we will speak about more simple methods to get rid of rats but how?

First you should know that all the rodents and of course rats are of them are the biggest enemy to the clean and healthy places so keeping your house very clean is the most powerful method to prevent the rats to get closer to your home. And in this article we’ll speak about the simple steps to keep your home clean

First of all you should get rid of the remnants of eating in a plastic sacks and throw them away in the rubbish. Remember that the first reasons that the rats conquer your home that they want get the foods so you should never keep any remnants of eating.

Second method is closing all the holes in your home especially in the kitchen in order to prevent the mice to get in your home.

After that we will talk about that you should make sure that the trashes is 100% closed because it’s the favorite destination to all the rats.

Look to this video which also showing us the safety steps to get rid of rats

In the previous video they talk about the things in the front of the article about disposal of cans and foods remaining and also showing us a methods most of people thought that’s works well it’s using the gum (glue) it’s special glue to catch the cats and killing them and it put under the places which we expect that the rats come from.

It also showing us the traditional traps to catch the rats according setup the safety ones and put in it something delicious to attract the rats.

And there’re some people asking about the best foods to put in the traps and here we should says that the rats are similar with the humans in the foods which they eat so the rats eating anything like the pieces of cheeses or tomatoes or using a piece of potatoes to setup the traps.

At the end of this article we should remain our visitors about the importance of putting the traps in safety places and also the importance of closing all the holes to prevent the rats of conquer your home
In the next ones we will  speaking about the Rats Control.